The Best Online Taxi Booking & Dispatch Software For You!

The most efficient, affordable and user-friendly software on the market. Our Web Booking Software and Dispatch System, enhanced by exclusive mobile apps (Driver App and Customer App) will transform your business and considerably increase your revenue.

EasyTaxiOffice is a complete solution for taxi companies of all sizes. Take advantage of our great prices and introduce your company to an era of technological and financial progress.

The highest quality of software and fair pricing blended into one. An opportunity to change the future of your company.

What do we offer?

Our innovative products are designed to transform your business. Get more bookings via our website software and manage jobs effortlessly. Step into the mobile world with our great apps. Make more money, grow your company.

Cab Booking & Dispatch Software

Simple, fast and enticing booking system for your clients online. New, efficient way to dispatch jobs to your drivers.

Oversee and control your company's growth from the admin panel. Manage your finances and growing revenue with ease.

Taxi Driver App

Take it to the next level by going mobile. Improve the communication process between dispatch and drivers, making everyone's job easier.

See every drivers’ live progress on the map at all times with the Taxi Driver App. Cash in on their new-found efficiency levels.

Taxi Passenger App

Web booking is helpful, but you know what guarantees even more jobs? A slot on your clients' mobile phones screens!

We provide your business a dedicated mobile app that makes booking drives even easier for your clients and adds another revenue stream for you company.

How does our booking software work?


The passenger makes a booking online via your website. The operator sees it pop-up immediately on his dashboard (phone and email bookings can be added there as well).


In a matter of seconds, the operator can choose a driver and dispatch the job to him. The proper data is sent to the driver automatically.


After receiving the notification, the driver picks the passenger up. The booking status changes with each step (en route, on board, arrived), informing the operator who can see the driver's changing location in real time on a map, about job progress.


After the driver reaches his destination, the taxi dispatch system automatically shows the amount the company and the driver have earned. Records of all jobs are stored online making for less paperwork and a clearer overview of your business.


One of EasyTaxiOffice's main strengths is its simplicity. Having said that, if any queries should arise, our customer service team is always willing to assist you in finding the right answers. We care about our clients' businesses.

Software & Apps support

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask us! The EasyTaxiOffice support team takes care of our clients problems and provides quick solutions.

Ongoing development

The software gets better each month. Our team of developers make sure regular updates are available which make the experience of using EasyTaxiOffice even better.

Bug Fixing

EasyTaxiOffice Support is there to assist with bug reporting and issue solving.