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Do you want to make some easy money by using your connections in the taxi industry? Let’s join forces then! Recommend our products to friends, acquaintances and business partners in the taxi industry - help us reach more clients and make money as part of our partner programme, EasyProfits!

Be persuasive to help new companies revolutionize their businesses and get paid for it!

  • commission from every completed sale of each EasyTaxiOffice product
  • easy to sell: our software is affordable and clients pay for it just once (no monthly or yearly fees)
  • promote a popular and esteemed product across the taxi business, our Web Booking & Dispatch software and the mobile app range are must haves!
  • the program works worldwide, start selling in your country today! We implement the software online (remotely, no need to come to the UK to get started).
  • we trust your creativity: start a blog, use social-media, call all your friends… Whatever works for you and will help you profit from bringing in new customers to the EasyTaxiOffice family
  • the EasyProfits partner programme is open, anyone can join!

Reseller program

  • Partner company branding would be use instead of EasyTaxiOffice. We reserve right to keep our developer brand in application source code files.
  • We offer 25% commission fee for self-hosted product:
    - Web Booking & Dispatch Software
    - Driver App
    - Passenger App
  • We offer 15% ongoing commission fee for ongoing services:
    - Ultimate Plan
  • Partner will handle their customer setup and support.
  • In case of immediate bugs or issues we would provide you with a patch solving it or a update to latest version of the software which solving it.
  • Source code modification is not allowed.

Affiliate program

We offer commission of up to 25%.

ProductPricePartner Profit
Web Booking & Dispatch Software£100£25
Driver App£100£25
Passenger App£100£25
Starter Website Design£100£25
Custom Website Design£500£100

We provide setup and support, so you need only focus on bringing customer to our door.

Sell a product package to one company and collect several hundred pounds for it!

Posting great results while selling a particular element of our software might result in increasing your commission.

Start earning more with EasyProfits and building our mutual success today!

Contact us and find answers to any questions you might have about EasyProfits: HERE.