The new era of services offered via the Internet has definitely changed the market that our business operates in. The traditional taxi industry seems outdated and it needs to embrace and follow the change that was caused by other ride-sharing businesses. Now we search for solutions that will allow us to be more affordable, convenient and reliable than ever to satisfy our clients’ wishes. That means using online booking over the phone or via email, which leads to more and more online data needing to be stored. But is it safe?

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing technologies in the computing sector. When you have proper security measures, such as good passwords, having files stored in a reliable cloud service is one of the most secure solutions for you. How does it work? Your digital data is stored in pools. Cloud storage providers are responsible for keeping it accessible and available, and the environment it’s stored in protected. Organisations like ours lease or buy the ability to use the storage to keep the user, organisation, and other data using more cost-effective solutions and better availability to access data faster from wherever we need.

While security and privacy concerns are almost the same, whether you’reusing cloud or traditional services for computing, cloud systems must involve a transfer of responsibility and control to the cloud provider. As the data owner no longer has control over his data, it’s very important to allow them to control and verify that it is being correctly stored and used. The benefits of cloud storage are a fuel for IT companies to improve cloud storage security and keep sensitive data safe and secure. In most cases, the customer’s data is being protected by cryptographic methods,such as message authentication codes (MACs).

Cloud computing comes with many benefits to organisations and their customers. They ensure saving time and money, but their failure can lead to data breach, reputation harm or loss of business. When your company plans to move all your computing to the cloud, you must explain to your customers all the benefits and potential risks. Cloud storage security solutions ensure visibility and policy-based control on how data can be moved and used, to allow that only authorised data will leave the safe environment. At EasyTaxiOffice, we choose the best storage security solutions to make sure that your data is only used by people qualified to do so. We choose to store your personal information online, as it makes it easier for you to use and enjoyour services.