Running your taxi business is a challenge of its own. The taxi market is one of the most competitive in this day and age, so making sure your business stands out from the crowd can be quite tricky. One reliable way to make sure that you'll be noticed is to create a website that will attract customers. It's one of the things we do at EasyTaxiOffice - and we're really good at it! We know what makes a taxi business stand out, and we know how to make it happen.

Giving you the best sort of attention

At EasyTaxiOffice, you can count on us to give you nothing short of the very best. With a team of qualified experts with inside knowledge not only in the field of website design, but also the taxi business in general, we know what clients expect - and we know how to create a website for your company that capitalises on those expectations. Are you renting out just taxis, or do you have minicabs or other services on offer? Perhaps you're running an airport shuttle service? Whatever thing makes you stand out, you can be sure that we'll display it loud and proud!

The devil's in the detail

Our devs work using the latest technology when it comes to hardware, which let us give you the most refined experience on the web, as well WordPress, and they know the platform in and out, so you can be sure your website will be designed with utmost precision and attention to detail. WordPress allows us to achieve a lot of things in website creation that may seem trivial, but they make a world of a difference when it comes to attracting clients, as it lets us create a slick website with a good UI. All our websites are incredibly intuitive and easy to use, thanks to a very clear and logical design. Clarity and simplicity is exactly what every taxi website needs! Additionally, any website designed by our team of experts is very SEO-friendly and highly optimised for customer conversion.

All the options you need

EasyTaxiOffice can offer you everything you could ever need when creating a taxi website. We provide two basic options:

Preset Design (£100)
Custom Design (£400)

For the vast majority of clients, our Preset Design option has all you need - a clear, user-friendly, visually enticing website crafted with great attention to detail. Don't let the name fool you - even though it's a preset, our high quality standards still shine through. Choosing the preset option gives you the added benefit of us being able to craft the website very quickly. But if anything about the preset option isn't for you, there is always Custom Design - just let us know this is the option you're interested in and we will discuss all the options for your business in particular.

So what are you waiting for? Get your high-quality taxi website online today and see those calls come in like wild!