Business 24/7 Support

This package is design to give you a peace of mind that your business has the support it needs.


£40 per month up to 30 drivers, £10 for each additional 10 drivers.


Your company will benefit from:

  • Full Support for the software and apps with two hours emergency response time (check our emergency T&C).
  • We host the software and apps, so you don't need to worry it.
  • Regular backups.
  • Regular security update to keep your customer and company data safe.
  • Regular upgrades to latest stable version, so your company can take advantage of all latest improvements and new features, see development notes.


Terms & Conditions

  • We reserve rights to three months notice.
  • If EasyTaxiOffice gives a notice, then we will provide CLIENT with a copy of the software CLIENT has been using and a free installation on CLIENT hosting (read about hosting requirements).
  • If CLIENT gives a notice, then we will provide Client with a copy of the software Client has been using and CLIENT can request our staff to set it up on CLIENT hosting for a £100 fee (read about hosting requirements).
  • Driver App and Customer App installation on CLIENT App store is within CLIENT means. Client may request our team to do so for additional fee of £200 (this price might change over time).
  • Client will enter automatic cancellation when payment has been delay by more than 5 days from agreed payment date.
  • Direct Debit setup payment is required.
  • Any issues caused by external forces e.g. company staff delete or change code or vital information, hacking, server failure, emails not working correctly, website failure can be solved by our team but are not included within this offer and would be treated as separate assignment and charge hourly rate of £30.


How pay per hour service works?

  • You contact us and explain the issues.
  • We evaluate the problem and provide you with amount of time needed to fix it.
  • We agree costs and time scale. Invoice will be send.
  • When invoice is paid we will progress with solving the issue.