Do I need to pay VAT?

Web Solutions Workshop LTD is now registered for VAT, but we're still waiting to receive our official VAT number. This means the current price on invoice doesn't show VAT, but an equivalent amount is already included. Once we get our VAT number, we'll send you a new... Read more

Web Booking Widget integration requirement

When switching from Trial to Paid account for a Web Booking widget fully working few things are required:    CNAME Set up a CNAME record in your DNS zone for your domain as follows "app.[your_domain_name_here]" and point it to "[XXX]". The part marked in... Read more

How to order?

1. Provide us with the details: – Trading Name – Trading Address – First Name – Last Name – Email Address – Contact Number – VAT number – Company registered number – Trial URL – Plan name Check plans 2. A billing account is created and an invoice with the provided... Read more