When switching from Trial to Paid account for a Web Booking widget fully working few things are required: 
Set up a CNAME record in your DNS zone for your domain as follows "app.[your_domain_name_here]" and point it to "[XXX].eto2.taxi". The part marked in square brackets should be replaced with your own data. Please inform us when this has been done and provide what domain you have used.
If you use CloudFlare to manage your DNS settings, make sure the CNAME record is also set there and proxy mode is disabled.
Please read more what CNAME is. You can set CNAME from your domain account. If you not sure how to do it, please contact your domain provider.
Web Booking widget
Follow the guide to integrate your web booking with the website. This must be done after the CNAME record has been verified on our side.
Google API
Follow the guide to integrate Google services, e.g. maps, directions, location suggestions etc.