EasyTaxiOffice Bug Fix Policy


  • EasyTaxiOffice Support is there to assist with bug reporting and issue solving
  • Critical bugs are usually fixed in following maintenance releases
  • Fixes for non-critical bugs will be added to the updates schedule successively

Bug reports

The EasyTaxiOffice support team are expert at helping our customers deal with bugs. Use our support contact form to describe the problem and do so in detail so that we can recreate the exact issue you are experiencing. After verifying the bug and what is causing it, we report back to you. If possible, we'll create a bypass for the problem promptly.


Our approach to bug fixing

We release bug fixes more often than feature updates and address the most important issues that affect your business workflow first. Bug fixes are noted in the version’s final number final digit (for example the “2” in 4.0.2).

In assessing all bugs we consider the severity of the problems it is causing. We differentiate three severity levels:


Severity 1 - Critical

Application does not work for both admins and users. No bypasses available.

  • All users are not able to login
  • Most or all pages are not being displayed
  • Losing a significant amount of data
  • Admin tools non-functional


Severity 2 - Major

An important feature is not available or the application performance seriously deteriorates.

  • The application either works slowly or irregularly
  • The application is functioning, but its integrations are not
  • Links do not work
  • Editing features does not work
  • Or a Severity 1 issue where an applicable workaround was in place


Severity 3 - Minor

The application or a certain feature are not fully functional, but a functioning workaround is present. The users and their experience are affected, but the app’s job functions are not.

  • Some searches fail
  • Long loading times for pages or their sections
  • Features in the admin panel fail from time to time, but workarounds are available
  • Visual issues that do not affect performance
  • Small problem with translation or location


Severity levels and describing symptoms helps us prioritise the most important bugs and start work on the needed fixes. High priority is always given to security problems.


How to access bug fixes?

Adding bug fixes to your software is simple: just update to a version which includes the fix for the type of problems you are experiencing.


Release terminology

  • Platform release (4.0) includes powerful and principal change to the user experience or adds/removes important features, changes the existing app programming interface etc.
  • Feature release (4.1) as the name suggests, might include new features or updates to the existing ones, new supported platforms (database, operating systems) etc.
  • Bug fix release (4.0.2) updates that concentrate on bug-fixing and improving performance, making the software more stable and error-free. It does not add new features, but some bug fixes might come with small changes to an existing feature. Bug fix updates should be done regularly and without delay.