FAQ – Software

Q: Can we integrate the VOIP / Caller ID system?

The system is already connected with Caller ID (VOIP) - RingCentral. Read more here.

Other system integration is possible but:
- It requires the phone company to provide access to custom API integrations,
- Integration fee applies,
- Integration will not not transfer any data from the existing system to EasyTaxiOffice system. Any data from the previous system would have to be transferred manually to the EasyTaxiOffice system.

How does it work?
Customer rings -> system makes a check if the phone number has been used previously -> if it was, it displays the data used with that phone number

Q: Can the admin track a driver?

The admin can track the driver on the map in real-time. Read more HERE.

Q: Can booking(s) be exported into Excel format?

Yes, it can be exported into excel format.

Q: How long booking information are kept for?

All information within the software will be stored for as long as you need it. The only requirement is keeping your server/hosting active.

Q: In what languages is your software available?
Web Booking, Customer & Driver Apps are available in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish,  Spanish, Finnish, Russian, Czech and Dutch.

If you would like us to create and add another language translation, please contact us on support@easytaxioffice.co.uk for details. The fee is £150 – £250 depending on language.

The software dashboard is available only in English language.

Q: What if I have two website?

We are able to connect two and more website to the same dispatch system. In such case we would create for each website an individual profile which allow setting:

  • Specific language
  • Branding - logo, colors, company name
  • Prices
  • Number of relevant information which will be display in emails and invoices.

This allow your company to promote each of the website as individual entity but in same time be able to receive and manage all information from one management panel. Each online booking is assign a source (website name), so it is clear from which website it comes from.

We licence software per domain. First domain is £200, second domain is discounted to £80.

Q: Who owns EasyTaxiOffice application?

The EasyTaxiOffice application is owned and licenced by Web Solutions Workshop Ltd.

EasyTaxiOffice service is part of Web Solutions Workshop Ltd.

Read our licence HERE.

Q: Have a need to modify source code?

You could modify the source code only if you have purchased Extended Licence.

WEB SOLUTIONS WORKSHOP SOFTWARE END USER EXTENDED LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR EASYTAXIOFFICE APPLICATION allows to modify source code files but has certain limitations like: software modification can be use for company use, any type of distribution of the software and apps is not allowed, it can not be modify in a way that it become any form of marketplace or give other companies access to use it. Full documentation will be available soon.

Q: Is the software open source?

The EasyTaxiOffice application is not open source. Our products are protected by WEB SOLUTIONS WORKSHOP SOFTWARE END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR EASYTAXIOFFICE APPLICATION.

Our company holds the full and exclusive rights to the software and licensing its usage. Please read end user licence agreement before purchasing our products.

Q: Does the system meets TFL regulation requirements?

We constantly keep track of change in TFL regulation and update the system to meet TFL requirements.