Q: What are Google API keys and how to set these up?

Google API keys are use to allow usage of maps and places. Google allows you to generate these keys free of charge and it can be done here https://console.developers.google.com/apis/dashboard

Please enable following services and generate API keys. Once you have them please send them to us.
Google Places API Web Service
Google Maps Directions API
Google Maps Geocoding API
Google Maps Embed API
Google Maps JavaScript API

Q: Who owns EasyTaxiOffice application?

The EasyTaxiOffice application is own and licence by Web Solutions Workshop Ltd.

EasyTaxiOffice service belongs to Web Solutions Workshop Ltd.

Q: Does the system meets TFL regulation requirements?

We constantly keep track of change in TFL regulation and update the system to meet TFL requirements.

Q: Can I track drivers position and see it on the map?

Yes, it is possible. Our Driver App allows driver tracking. All driver can be seen on Map in real time.

Q: Can booking(s) be exported into Excel format?

Yes, it can be exported into excel format.

Q: How long booking information are kept for?

All information within the software will be store for as long as you need it. The only requirement is to keep your server/hosting on.

Q: In what languages is your software available?

Web Booking, Customer & Driver Apps are available in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and Russian.

Admin dashboard is available in English.

Additional translation can be made for £100 fee per language.

Q: What if I have two website?

We are able to connect two and more website to the same dispatch system. In such case we would create for each website an individual profile which allow setting:

  • Specific language
  • Branding – logo, colors, company name
  • Prices
  • Number of relevant information which will be display in emails and invoices.

This allow your company to promote each of the website as individual entity but in same time be able to receive and manage all information from one management panel. Each online booking is assign a source (website name), so it is clear from which website it comes from.

We licence software per domain. First domain is £200, second domain is discounted to £100.