FAQs – Demo & Trial

Q: I would like to test the software before purchasing. How can I do that?

You can set up a Trial here https://trial.easytaxioffice.co.uk/.

You can also check the Demo https://demo.easytaxioffice.co.uk/
Please note that in the online Demo version (which might be used by any number of users at the same time) we reset the data every 30 minutes.

The DEMO is designed to give you an overlook and a general feel for the software’s design and layout. If you want to test its full capabilities, please order a Trial version.

Q: I would like to test a Driver App and a Passenger App. How can I setup the trial version?

You can test both by setting up a Trial here https://trial.easytaxioffice.co.uk
In your Trial dashboard go to Settings -> Mobile Apps and follow the instructions on how to setup the Apps.

Q: What's the difference between trial and demo version?

The main difference is that Demo might be used by any number of users at the same time and the data is reset after every 30 minutes whereas Trials are set up individually for each user.

The Demo is useful if you want to have a quick look at a particular feature but if you want to fully test how the software and apps work with your own set of information, then the Trial is what we recommend you use.

Q: How do I test how booking and dispatch works?
  1. Enter company information – name, email, phone number.
  2. Create a booking – we suggest you create a booking in the same way a customer would do via the Web Booking system. You can access Web Booking via a link which we have sent in the trial setup email.
    Once a booking has been made, it will appear in the software tab Dispatch or Bookings -> Latest. But before you can assign a driver and dispatch it, you need to add a driver and a vehicle in the system first.
  3. Create driver – go to software Users -> Drivers -> Add New. If you operate in the UK market make sure you fill in the driver’s details.
  4. Create vehicle – go to software Vehicle -> Add New. If you operate in UK market make sure you fill in the vehicle’s details. Also make sure you assign a driver to that vehicle.
  5. Dispatch the job by assigning a booking to the driver. You can do it directly via Dispatch or Booking -> Latest tabs.
  6. Setup Driver App – please follow up instruction in Settings -> Mobile Apps
  7. Notification setup – go to Settings -> Notification and mark all notification you would like to recieve. For SMS you will need to setup one of the two available integrations.
  8. Proceed with the job – once the app is ready for use, check system status to proceed with the booking in order to see communication between driver and passenger.
Q: How long can I use the trial version?

You can use the trial version for 14 days.

Q: Is it possible to extend the trial for more than 14 days?

We only provide 14 days trial. After this period you can set up a new trial here https://trial.easytaxioffice.com/
The trial is only a way to test the software. Once you purchase it, you will be able to use it at your own speed.

Q: What are the most important features of your software? Where can I test them?

You can read about the most important features here:

  • https://easytaxioffice.co.uk/solutions/taxi-dispatch-system/
  •  https://easytaxioffice.co.uk/solutions/taxi-dispatch-system/dispatch-features/

If you would like to check all software features, we recommend setting up a 14 days free Trial here:

  • https://trial.easytaxioffice.com/
Q: I want to test the trial version of the App but when I put in the Host URL in search it says “not found”.

Please make sure each of the given characters are typed in correctly.

You can find the access details in the software dashboard Settings -> Mobile.