FAQs – Driver App

Q: Can the Driver App be personalised for my company?

We can personalise your Driver app, filling it with your company’s branding. Once we do that, your drivers will be able to search for the app with Your Company Name from the app stores.

You can check an example of personalised driver app HERE.

For Personalised app setup requirements click HERE. Find the pricing HERE.

Q: Can the driver add a new booking and additional charges?

Not at the moment but we are planning an update which will allow drivers to add new bookings, edit existing ones and add additional charges to them./p>

Q: What are the requirements to set up a Personalised Driver App?

For the Personalised Driver App setup requirements click HERE.

Q: Can a driver assign a vehicle from the fleet himself?

Only the admin can add vehicles to the system and assign them to drivers.

How to assign a vehicle to a driver please read HERE.