FAQs - Pricing

Q: Why is your software sold at such an affordable price?

Our company approach uses a very well know model used in many other industries: provide a good product at a affordable price to a large amount of customers. We are leading the way, trying to bring the change to the taxi industry. We want to help small and medium business to battle high running costs and give them the equal technological advantages that bigger companies have.

Q: Are there any limits or additional costs on adding drivers?

When purchasing the system on a one-off payment basis, there are no additional costs or limits to the number of drivers you can add. 

Q: Are there any limits or additional costs on adding vehicles or passengers?

There are no limits or additional costs, you can add as many passengers or vehicles as you want.

Q: Can I integrate the Web Booking for more than one website/domain for the same company?

Integrating the Web Booking for more than website/domain for the same company is possible but requires a purchase of Business Profile for each website/domain. The cost is £80. 

Q: Is it possible to buy only the Web Booking?

Web booking comes as part of the software. To use the Web Booking you need to purchase the software which allows setting up pricing and booking management.

Q: Do you do Content Writing?

Yes we do. We charge £40 per homepage and £30 per article (250 words long) for any additional pages.

Q: Do you provide custom developments?

We can provide additional developments if our clients deems it necessary. Each customisation will be evaluated and the costs agreed on before proceeding.

Q: How many sub-pages do I get for my website when choosing the Starter Website Design option?
We provide three website starter designs to choose from:

Present amount of pages is as per design.
In both of them you will be able to add more pages if you want. You will retain total control of the website and will be able to add more information. We will provide a tutorial on how to change the text, images, contact details, logo and some colors.

The Starter Website Design costs £100 - £200. Read more HERE.

Q: Is it possible to buy the software now but the apps at another time?

Of course, you can buy Web Booking & Dispatch Software now and the apps later on.