FAQs – Pricing

Q: What are the costs to use your software?

The software costs £200 only, it is one-time-payment. No monthly or yearly payments, no hidden charges.

This payment gives you a licence to use a copy of the software for a lifetime for one domain (one website).

Licence for each additional domain within the same company is £100.

Q: Are there any monthly or yearly costs?

There are no additional costs, no monthly or yearly fees, you pay only once when purchasing licence to use the software.

Q: Is there any cost and limit to adding each driver in your system?

There are no limits or additional costs, you can add as many drivers as you need.

Q: Why the software cost is so low?

Our approach use a very well know model used in many other industries – provide good product at affordable price to large amount of customers.

We are leading the way to bring the change to taxi industry where small business doesn’t get burden by running costs but in same time has the equal technological advantage as bigger companies.

Why we don’t charge per driver or per vehicle?

The answer is simple – as the same system can handle the same way 1 to 100 drivers and vehicles, then there is no need to pay extra when there is no additional support needed.