FAQs – Purchase

Q: How can I purchase the software?

Send us an email with the fallowing:

1. Let us know what you want to purchase:

This is one-off payment, no further payments are require
We aim to provide setup within 72h

2. Provide us with the following information for the invoice and our licence registry:

  • Company register name and number. If not available then personal or trading name
  • Website domain address (if you would like to have Web Booking connected to it)
  • Email address you would like us to send invoice to

3. Once we send invoice, make a payment to:

Beneficiary: Web Solutions Workshop Ltd
Bank: HSBC
Account Number: 62521261
Sort Code: 40-07-33

For international payments:
IBAN: GB03HBUK40073362521261

By making the payment you agree to Software End User Licence Agreement http://easytaxioffice.co.uk/licence

Once payment is process, we set all up or if requested we provide you with instruction how to do it by yourself.