FAQs – Support

Q: Do you provide regular updates and what are the costs?

Yes, we provide regular updates on 6 months basis for £100.

Updates are not mandatory, however we recommend to use each update as opportunity to improve your service with access to:

  • Boost security in order to minimise potential hacking.
  • Save time on management. We constantly improve existing features, making the software easier to use and more automated.
  • Discover new ways of work and keep up with technology.

Our team is constantly in communication with vast number of taxi companies and based on their feedback we build new features which aims to improve:

  • The way company works.
  • Web Booking process and customer communication with driver and operator.
  • Driver job management and communication.
  • Keep your company up to date with latest technology.

When an update is release, we will send you an email informing of all major changes and opportunities available to you.