FAQs - Trial

Can I test the software before purchase?

To test the software you can set up a 14 days Trial here.

Is it possible to extend the trial for more than 14 days?

We only provide 14 days trial. After this period you can set up a new trial here.

Once you purchase it, you will be able to use it at your own speed.

How do I test how the software works?
  1. Enter company information - name, email, phone number.
  2. Create a booking - we suggest you create a booking in the same way a customer would do via the Web Booking system. You can access Web Booking via a link which we have sent in the trial setup email.
    Once a booking has been made, it will appear in the software tab Dispatch or Bookings -> Latest. But before you can assign a driver and dispatch it, you need to add a driver and a vehicle in the system first.
  3. Create driver - go to software Users -> Drivers -> Add New. If you operate in the UK market make sure you fill in the driver’s details.
  4. Create vehicle - go to software Vehicle -> Add New. If you operate in UK market make sure you fill in the vehicle’s details. Also make sure you assign a driver to that vehicle.
  5. Dispatch the job by assigning a booking to the driver. You can do it directly via Dispatch or Booking -> Latest tabs.
  6. Setup Driver App - please follow up instruction in Settings -> Mobile Apps
  7. Notification setup - go to Settings -> Notification and mark all notification you would like to receive. For SMS you will need to setup one of the two available integrations.
  8. Proceed with the job - once the app is ready for use, check system status to proceed with the booking in order to see communication between driver and passenger.
How can I test Driver and Passenger Apps?

You can test both by setting up a Trial here.

In your Trial dashboard go to Settings -> Mobile Apps and follow the instructions on how to setup the Apps.