Update the software and enjoy new technological developments!

We have some exciting news to share with you!

The positive feedback we have been hearing from our customers about the current EasyTaxiOffice software has been humbling, but also very inspiring to our team. We kept working on further bettering every aspect of your EasyTaxiOffice experience.

Allow us to introduce the latest fruit of our labour, a major software update!

The main features that come with it are:

  • Attract more clients - the new layout for the online web booking widget will certainly catch the eye of even more clients eager to book your services.
  • Faster dispatch management  - this is where most of your work is done. Our acclaimed Dispatch System is now even more functional and allows you to make decisions faster than ever before.
  • Documentation in order - the previous system versions were very helpful in organising your invoices. The newest update allows you to control all invoices with even more ease.
  • And much more - you will see and feel the difference throughout the software. A better, more user-friendly layout and a wide array of improvements will make any admins job pleasing!

Purchase now to not only better your work experience, but also to receive access to 6 months of our upcoming developments.

All current EasyTaxiOffice users can take advantage of a 20% discount and buy this significant update... for just £80!
Offer ends on 20 June 2019

Preview the latest software DEMO

Are you wondering why updating the software is important, how these upgrades can help your business and what new developments you will see in the next 6 months? Check out our articles on the subjects:

For any questions you might have please feel free to e-mail us at support@easytaxioffice.co.uk .