Important changes to App Store Hosting Policy

EasyTaxiOffice app hosting policy has changed and will be provided exclusively as a new App Plan service.

Users who currently use Standard App Hosting service must decide by the end of current agreement what to do:


Option 1. Switch from the Standard App Hosting service to the new App Go service

The App Go is a comprehensive service which includes:
– app hosting
– app updates
No hustle of setup, communication and management. Keep a peace of mind that all is working just as it should be for just £15/month.

Read more about the App Go Policy.


Option 2. Transfer the app to your own app stores

When considering “Option 2”, please keep in mind that:

You need to set up your own app stores accounts with Google Play and Apple App Store
This is a paid service and costs are: Google Play ~£20 one-time, Apple app store ~£77 per year. Read more about Google and Apple Developer Programs.
You need to submit the app(s) to Google and Apple app stores.
Each app update requires app generation and submission to Google and Apple app stores. This is a paid service and cost is £80.

You need to ensure the transfer is completed, before the existing agreement expires. Failing to do so will result in app removal from the app stores.

For any questions you might have please feel free to e-mail us at .