App Store Hosting Policy

Thanks for using EasyTaxiOffice.

By purchasing the App Store Hosting you accept the Policy stated below.

Applying for the service results in the beginning of an Agreement between you and EasyTaxiOffice that starts immediately after. The Agreement lasts until the Agreement is terminated by you or us.

Applying for the service on behalf of any entity will mean you possess the relevant rights and authority to accept the Policy and start an Agreement on its behalf.

The App Store Hosting service includes 12 months of app store hosting for a single app.



EasyTaxiOffice and the User can terminate the Agreement at all times, for whatever reason. A notice informing the other party about the Agreement Termination must be sent via email. EasyTaxiOffice can suspend or terminate the Service to the User at any time without providing a reason for doing so. If we suspend or terminate it without a reason, and it is a paid service, you are due a refund of the allotted part of your monthly payment. In all other instances, refunds do not apply.

In case the software to which the app is connected becomes unavailable for over 30 days, the app will be deleted from the app stores. No copies will be stored. Future usage of the app will require it to be generated and submitted to app stores again. Standard setup fees apply.

Account Disputes

We will not interfere with any internal disputes related to an EasyTaxiOffice account. All in-house disputes about account ownership must be handled between the two parties. We do not provide information about an account to anyone aside from the account’s owner. The decisive factor we take into consideration in establishing account ownership is the data and information provided while purchasing and establishing the account. If there was more than one person/entity indicated in the contact information, we expect all disputes have been resolved without involving EasyTaxiOffice.

Disputes over ownership might be the cause of suspending an account until they are resolved – for the reason of keeping the data connected with the account safe and secure.


The EasyTaxiOffice App Store Hosting pricing might change at any time. If that occurs, the new prices will be posted to our website and/or sent to you by e-mail.


Users shall be reimbursed for months they paid for in advance if their account is terminated or we stop providing the services altogether.

In case the user is not able to deliver the required information or resigns from Branded App before we generate and submit the app to app stores, we will proceed with the refund.

These are the only conditions under which a user is eligible for a refund. We might choose to offer some other sort of compensation depending on our evaluation of the situation.

App Transfer

In case you have decided to move the app to your own services, you need to ensure all required services has been setup and access details hava been provided to EasyTaxiOffice team before the existing agreement expires. Failing to do so will result in app removal from the app stores.

EasyTaxiOffice will generate and submit the app within 7 business days. EasyTaxiOffice retains the right to update app to newer version during the app generation and submission.

For Monthly Plan, App Transfer is only available after purchase of the Software and Branded App.


EasyTaxiOffice will fix any bugs you might notice in the apps.

We provide User Guide in which you can find explanations of our systems features.

If our User Guide is not enough, please contact our support team via email We will respond as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, kindly give us a call at +44 (0) 20 3633 1535 as your message did not get to us.


This policy is part of the company’s guidelines relevant to the App Store Hosting Plan. EasyTaxiOffice retains the right to make changes to these regulations at any time, as it sees fit.

Switching from App Store Hosting to App Go Plan

Current EasyTaxiOffice users who use App Store Hosting can switch to AppGo Plan at any time. To find out more about how to do it, read here.