App update

How does it work?

We used a hybrid technology for our apps, where apps consist of two elements:

1. The apps are an integral part of a software. When software is updated, the app features get updated.

2. The app uses native mobile technology like GPS tracking, push notification. To update these functions, the app needs to be generated again and re-submitted to app stores.


Why update the app?

Mobile apps are undergoing constant changes due to the technology’s evolution, therefore the required changes are either recommended or necessary.

Recommended: If we decide to make changes due to technological progress we see as important, we will urge you to get your apps updated so you can also benefit from the new developments.

Necessary: From time to time the update is required by a third party (Google, Apple, Payment Providers, etc.). Usually it is due to technology progress and changes to their policy but not limited only to these. This changes usually are

We will aim to provide an immediate update to apps.


What are the costs?

If your sign to our AppGo Plan, the apps updates are included.

If you self-host the app, we can provide update for a fee of £80 per update (including Google and Apple app stores).


Business details update

Business details update can not be done as a standard app update. It requires a full integration process and the fee is £100.