Business Software Hosting Policy

  • By purchasing the Business Software Hosting you accept the Policy stated below.
  • Business Software Hosting (hereinafter referred to as Subscription) is a comprehensive service which includes:

    – regular updates to the software, mobile apps* and security protocols
    – software upgrade to the latest version
    – access to latest development
    – secure, fast, reliable hosting
    – data back-ups
    – no hustle of setup, communication and management.


  • The Business Software Hosting pricing can be found here.
  • To purchase the service, contact us at and place your order.
  • The number of active drivers* you can add to the software on a single Business Software Hosting subscription, without incurred any additional costs, is 20. Each additional active driver induces an appended fee of £2. By using the software with additional active drivers, you automatically agree to settle these fees while paying for the upcoming invoice.

* active driver means a driver who has been assigned and accepts at least one job

  • By choosing the Business Software Hosting, the user confirms he agrees to monthly recurring billing starting on the day of hosting setup. Users are billed before the end of each month, a week before their subscription expires. Should a user exceed the given monthly limits, additional fees will apply (check pricing). These will be added to the current billing and need to be handled ahead of the upcoming date of recurring invoice payments.
  • Credit and Debit Cards
    All users who choose the Business Software Hosting plan, must present us with their debit or credit card information and grant the company access to subtract the agreed upon amounts of money. All the information provided must be valid and current. When a card expires the client is obliged to send the company updated information on their new card. In case of automatic replacements, user recognizes and accepts that our company is permitted to subtract fees from the new card. The person using the card guarantees they have full authorization to manage it, accept the right to bill that card and affirm that no payments shall be rejected. If a transaction cannot be finalised because of a problem with the card, the hosting account will be suspended until all operations are processed and payments completed.
  • Refunds
    Users shall be reimbursed for months they paid for in advance if their account is terminated or we stop providing the hosting services altogether. These are the only conditions under which a user is eligible for a refund. We might choose to offer some other sort of compensation depending on our evaluation of the situation.
  • Each software requires a separate Business Software Hosting subscription.
  • For the software with several website profiles, only one Business Software Hosting subscription is required.
  • Users can switch from the Standard Hosting service to the Business Software Hosting service at any time before the end of the current hosting agreement. An excess payment for the remaining months of the Standard Hosting service will be accepted as partial payment for the Business Software Hosting service. Only full months of unused services are billed.

Business Software Hosting Setup

  • For us to successfully set your server up, all the following information must be provided:

Applies to new EasyTaxiOffice users

  1. Access to website admin panel to integrate Web Booking with your website.

Applies to current EasyTaxiOffice users

  1. Access to software admin panel (Login, Password)
  2. Provide standard access to your hosting account (link to provider website, username, password) or developer access, as indicated below:
  3. – 1 x MySQL database (Hostname, Username, Password, Database name)

    – FTP access (Hostname, Username, Password)

The hosting information is not required if EasyTaxiOffice is also your hosting provider.

  • The access data must be sent to in a text format. Pictures, screenshots, forwarded emails or invitations to hosting accounts will not be accepted.
  • The Business Software Hosting setup time might extend if the access data is not provided or send in an incorrect format.
  • The fee for the Business Software Hosting service is £25.
  • EasyTaxiOffice Team will setup your system on the company server within 3 business days of receiving the service payment and the required login data.
  • Software URL will be under our domain.
  • Our aim is to ensure complete integrity of the system, therefore EasyTaxiOffice does only provide access to system source code files only to our selected technicians which update, maintain and monitor the stability of the system.

Software Update

  • EasyTaxiOffice team will update your software to the latest version. The latest software version can be viewed in the Demo or tested free of charge for 14 days Trial.
  • EasyTaxiOffice team regularly updates the software, apps and security protocols. EasyTaxiOffice retains the right to update the software on a user’s account without their permission.
  • Users are informed about new updates via the admin panel.
  • The update does not affect the user’s settings like Google API or Pricing.



  • EasyTaxiOffice will fix any bugs you might notice in the software, free of charge.
  • We provide Extensive User Guide in which you can find in-depth explanations of our systems features.


  • The contract lasts as long as you pay for a subscription.
  • In the event of resignation from the service or due to a lack of payment, your account will be suspended. In that case, you are responsible for exporting your data. After a period of three months, the account will be terminated and your data will be automatically deleted.
  • In the event of an account being suspended, users will not be able to use the software. The account can be activated again only if all outstanding payments are made up to date. Unlocking the account is only possible during the working hours of the EasyTaxiOffice team.
  • If users want to transfer software data from EasyTaxiOffice`s server to another one, it can be done by themselves or use the help of our team. The fee for this service is £60. EasyTaxiOffice Team will complete the software transfer within 5 business days of receiving the service payment and the required login data.
  • If you change from our current Hosting service to Business Software Hosting and use the software below version 3.19.0 we will update the software to the latest version. By opting for the Business Software Hosting service, you enter a three month agreement. Earlier resignation is possible but you still will be charged for outstanding months of the agreement. The reason for it is that our technician needs to spend time to update the software to the latest version.


  • This policy is part of the company’s guidelines relevant to the Business Software Hosting service. EasyTaxiOffice retains the right to make changes to this regulations at any time, as it sees fit.