Cookies and Other Data Collecting Technologies

Updated: March 12, 2021

In this section you will find more information about cookies and other different data collecting technologies that EasyTaxiOffice and its third-party partners use to collect your information.


Why and what data collecting technologies we use?

The data collecting technologies that we use (such as cookies) not only allow you to access and use the Service in an easier way, but also help us keep making the user experience better and more adequate by improving and customizing our products and websites (“the Service”) to your needs.


When do we use them?

When do we use data collecting technologies? This can be broadly divided in two groups of situations:

When necessary. Without these cookies and data collected by other technologies, we would not be able to provide the features needed by you and using the Service would be much more troublesome. For example, the Service would keep forgetting you actually logged in a moment ago.

For better functionality. Thanks to these cookies and data collected by other technologies, the Service remembers your choices and can suggest them to you while - for example - making a booking via the web booking form (pickup, dropoff and other parameters). This makes using the Service easier and the user experience more enjoyable.


Can you reject cookies?

To stop data collection by our use of cookies you need to change your browser's settings to not accept cookies or ask for your acceptance each time you enter a website that uses cookies. Not accepting cookies may however result in not being able to use all features of our Service.

Some browsers have their own tools for managing HTML5 local storage objects. Read more about “flash cookies'' and how to manage them, here.

Please note: you cannot stop cookies or other technologies that are necessary for the Service to function correctly.


Updates to this Notice

This Cookies and Other Data Collecting Technologies Notice might change over time. After updates are added, the date at the top of the page (“effective starting”) will change.