Premium Plan Policy

Premium Plan is no longer available for purchase or extension. Update system will be now available through single software update, to learn more read about software update here.

By purchasing the Ultimate Plan you accept the Policy stated below.


Premium Plan is a comprehensive service which include:

– access to ongoing development granting regular updates to the software and mobile apps

– access to support for the duration of the plan

Premium Plan provides access to this benefits for next 6 months for a price posted on our EasyTaxiOffice site.

Software update

When the Plan is activated, user will be able to update the software whenever new update or bug-fixing patch is available. New updates are released every 3-5 weeks.

Users are informed about an update via the software admin panel’s notification system. The latest changes can also be seen here. Updates do not reset data or settings. If there are changes that we believe require your attention we will inform you in advance.

In some cases, following an update, users will be expected to implement the appropriate setting adjustments within their software and all connected third party services.

(*) Mobile app update

Software updates influence how driver and passenger apps work. More information about App Update can be found here.


Users shall be reimbursed for months they paid for in advance if we stop providing the service. This is the only condition under which a user is eligible for a refund. We might choose to offer some other sort of compensation depending on our evaluation of the situation.


  • Premium Plan applies to one software only.​
  • Users can prolong this service by extending Premium Plan for next 6 months for a price posted on our EasyTaxiOffice site
  • This policy is part of the company's policy which is relevant to the Premium Plan. EasyTaxiOffice retains the right to make changes to these regulations at any time, as it sees fit.