Software Upgrade Policy

By purchasing the Software Upgrade you accept the Policy stated below.

Software Upgrade

Your software will be upgraded to version 4.0. The upgrade is carried out by the EasyTaxiOffice Team.

In some cases, following an upgrade, users will be expected to implement the appropriate setting adjustments within their software and all connected third party services.

After users upgrade the system, the changes are irreversible and returning to a prior version is not possible.

(*) Mobile app update

Software Upgrade influence how driver and passenger apps work. More information about App Update can be found here.


Server Software Upgrade will be provided in line with our Support Guidelines (to the applicable extent)


This policy is part of the company’s policy relevant to the Software Upgrade service. EasyTaxiOffice retains the right to make changes to these regulations at any time, as it sees fit.

EasyTaxiOffice retains the right to provide a software upgrade to newer software version instead of bug-fixing updates for the users software version.