Support End of Life Policy

June 21, 2021

EasyTaxiOffice provides support for feature versions till a year after the first major iteration of that version was released (for example, we support EasyTaxiOffice Software 4.0.x for 1 year after EasyTaxiOffice Software 4.0.0 was released or we support EasyTaxiOffice Driver App 1.x for 1 year after EasyTaxiOffice Driver App 1.0. was released).

Should an issue appear for supported versions, customers can contact us via Support Ticket. When a bug is discovered, we look into it and process the request according to our Bug Fixing Policy. You might be required to upgrade to the version which includes the fix for the bug.

If a version has reached End of Life (EOL), EasyTaxiOffice will not provide support when a problem with that version arises. This does not include situations where you need help upgrading your EOL version to a supported version.


Software Server Deployments

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Version 4.0 (EOL Date: 1 April 2021)
Version 3.25 (EOL Date: 30 June 2020)
Version 3.24 (EOL Date: 17 April 2020)
Version 3.23 (EOL Date: 20 March 2020)
Version 3.22 (EOL Date: 9 January 2020)
Version 3.21 (EOL Date: 20 December 2019)
Version 3.20 (EOL Date: 10 November 2019)
All other versions below 3.20 have reached EOL.


EasyTaxiOffice Driver App

Version 1.0 (EOL Date: 1 September 2021)


Server Branded Driver App

Version 1.0 (EOL Date: 1 September 2021)


Server Passenger App

Version 1.0 (EOL Date: 1 September 2021)