Support End of Life Policy

EasyTaxiOffice supports software 4.0.x for 1 year after its major iteration 4.0 was released.

For versions that are supported, customers can raise issues via Support Ticket. If a bug is discovered, it will be prioritized based on our Bug Fixing Policy and may require you to upgrade to the version which includes the fix.

EasyTaxiOffice does not provide support for instances on versions that have reached End of Life (EOL). The only exception is for assistance related to upgrading from your EOL version to a supported version.


Version 4.0 (EOL Date: 1 April 2021)

Version 3.25 (EOL Date: 30 June 2020)
Version 3.24 (EOL Date: 17 April 2020)
Version 3.23 (EOL Date: 20 March 2020)
Version 3.22 (EOL Date: 9 January 2020)
Version 3.21 (EOL Date: 20 December 2019)
Version 3.20 (EOL Date: 10 November 2019)
Version 3.19 (EOL Date: 20 October 2019)
Version 3.18 (EOL Date: 1 September 2019)
Version 3.17 (EOL Date: 15 August 2019)
Version 3.16 (EOL Date: 1 August 2019)
Version 3.11 (EOL Date: 1 July 2019)
Version 3.10 (EOL Date: 1 June 2019)
All other version below 3.10 have reached EOL.

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