Software Update Policy

  • Software Update (hereinafter referred to as Subscription) is a service which constitutes updating your software to the latest available version and 6 months access to latest development.
  • By purchasing the Software Update you accept the Terms & Conditions stated below.
  • The latest software version can be view in the Demo or tested free of charge for 14 days Trial.


  • The Software Update pricing can be found here.
  • Each software license requires a separate Software Update subscription.
  • For the software license with several website profiles, only one Software Update subscription is required.

(Applicable only for software below version 3.19.0)

  • The first software update is carried out by the EasyTaxiOffice Team. Every subsequent update must be carried out by the user himself, aided by the self-update system.
  • EasyTaxiOffice Team will update your system within 5 business days of receiving the service payment and the required login data.
  • To successfully have your system updated, all the following information must be provided:

1. Software admin panel:
– Login
– Password

2. Hosting / Server access to:
– 1 x MySQL database (Hostname, Username, Password, Database name)
– FTP access (Hostname, Username, Password)

3. Hosting / Server needs to have:
– PHP v7.1 or v7.2 or v7.3
– Operating System: Linux

The hosting information is not required if EasyTaxiOffice is also your hosting provider. The software admin panel login data is then all that is needed.

  • The access data must be sent to in a text format. Pictures, screenshots, forwarded emails or invitations to hosting accounts will not be accepted.
  • The update setup time might extend if the assess data is not provided or send in incorrect format.
  • The update does not affect the user’s settings like Google API or Pricing. If however, there were some changes made to the software’s code (by EasyTaxiOffice on the user’s commission or by the user himself), these changes will not be preserved.
  • After the system upgrade, the changes are irreversible and returning to a prior version is not possible

(Applicable only for software version 3.19.0 or above)

  • User can self-update the software by clicking button “Update Now”.
  • By clicking “Update Now” user agrees to our Terms & Conditions.
  • Users can decide to update the system whenever they want, as long as their subscription is active.
  • In the admin panel, the user is provided with a list of modifications between the currently used version and the latest available update.
  • Users are informed about new updates via the admin panel. New updates are available every 3-5 weeks.
  • After users update the system, the changes are irreversible and returning to a prior version is not possible.
  • Software update will influence how Driver and Passenger apps works but certain features of the apps can not be updated via software update and are not included in Software Update Subscription.
  • Update of external services and software plugins (e.g. Payment providers, Google services, PCA Predict, Caller ID systems, SMS services, Address Lookup services) may still be subject to additional costs.
  • For all multi-profile software, self-update is not available at the moment. Updates are only available with the help of EasyTaxiOffice team.

Mobile app update

Mobile apps are undergoing constant changes due to the technology’s evolution.

  • ETO driver app update. After a software upgrade, all “ETO Driver App” users are advised to uninstall and install the app on their mobile phone to make sure they are using the latest, compatible version.
  • Personalised Driver & Passenger apps updates

    A Personalised Apps update has to be completed on two levels to work:

    1. First, as part of software update where app features gets updated when software is updated.

    2. Then, as an update to the app core functionality. The app needs to be generated again and re-submitted to app stores.

    – If we decide to make changes due to technological progress we see as necessary, we will urge you to get your apps updated so you can also benefit from the new developments.

    You can generate the app again in the app store by yourself or use the help of our team for a fee of £80.

    To avoid an immediate expense, we will aim to maintain the existing app-software compatibility for another six months after the update is announced. This means the software and apps will work as previously but there will be fewer software updates available due to differences between software and app versions.

    – In case the update is needed due to a third party new requirements or changes to their policy (eg, app store change of technology or policy, payment provider change in policy, etc.) we will aim to provide an immediate update to apps.

    But if you decide not to have them updated (including generating the app again for re-submission to the appropriate app stores) we cannot guarantee any maintenance for the app as we do not have any influence on the third party changes and compatibility problems that come with it.


      • After an update is completed EasyTaxiOffice will fix any bugs you might notice in the software in the following 6 months, free of charge.
      • We provide Extensive User Guide in which you can find in-depth explanations of our systems features
      • In case of encountering a problem that has been fixed in a later version of the system, EasyTaxiOffice retains the right to update the software on a user’s account without their permission.

      • If a subscription expires, users can prolong it by paying the required sum specified in the current price-list (Pricing).
      • This policy is part of company’s policy which are relevant to the Software Update service. EasyTaxiOffice retains the right to make changes to this regulations at any time, as it sees fit.