Passenger App

Passengers app allows passengers to create and manage bookings.

0. Download and installation

To use the app, passengers need to download it from the App Store and install it.

1. Registration
Passengers need to register a new account and log in to start using the app. During registration passengers can choose the type of account: Private or Company.

2. New booking
Passengers can make a booking by following these steps:

Step 1: choose the time, pickup and drop-off points.
Step 2: choose a car and can see the estimated price.
Step 3: fill in personal information and choose a payment method to confirm the booking.

When the booking has been completed, passengers receive booking confirmation and the booking is visible in the Your Trips tab.

New bookings from the Passenger App appear in the Dispatch Panel.

A detailed instruction on all bookings options can be found here: WEB BOOKING (link)

3. Notifications during the journey

Passengers will receive notifications:

- when the driver starts his way to the pickup point, passengers receive a notification that the driver is en route along with driver’s name and vehicle information
- when the driver reaches the pickup point, passengers receive a notification that the driver has arrived and is waiting for them
- when the driver confirms reaching the drop-off point, passengers receive a notification confirming the job completion and are asked to leave feedback.

4. Booking details

Passengers can view current and previous bookings in Your Trips menu.

In the booking history passengers are able to edit, download or print out their booking information / invoices, leave feedback and review their tracking history.

5. Settings

Passengers can edit their personal information and language.