EasyTaxiOffice Cloud - Passenger App setup

The App setup is a service which includes Google and Apple app hosting, updates and support allowing you to focus on your customer base growth and leave the technical side of things to us.

See our App add-on policy for more information: Cloud Additional Terms.

Let's get your app information ready

- App name - must be less than 30 characters.
- Logo - this logo has to be in a high resolution (1024 x 1024px), .png format. Passenger App logo and Branded Driver App logo can not be the same. App stores don't accept same logo for two apps.
- Short and long description describing the service. We suggest below descriptions:

Short Description
This app allows passengers to book a taxi on the go.

Long Description
With passenger app you will be able:
- Get an instant quote and make bookings
- Manage your bookings
- View booking details
- View and download invoices
- Cancel bookings
- Update your account details

If you would like to us this wording, just confirm you would like us to add it for your app. Alternatively, you can provide your own descriptions. The short description can only contain up to 80 characters. The long description can be up to 4000 characters. No hyperlinks are allowed.

Important Notes

During the setup process a temporary customer account called DEMO will be created within the software. It is required that you do not delete the DEMO account until the submission process has been completed. If this account is removed during the submission process, the app will be rejected and this will require the process to start from the beginning.

Once the app is generated and submitted to app stores, the only way to change the app details is by generating and submitting it again. This service is subject to additional costs.

The access data must be sent in a text format. Pictures, screenshots, forwarded emails or invitations to hosting accounts will not be accepted.