Upgrade​ your business to software 4.0!

Price: £200

For companies self-hosting their software and who would like to keep the business up to date we present you with version 4.0!

Version 4.0 is a significant upgrade bringing a lot of improvements making your company operation easier and faster. It also includes yearly access to Essential Support.

Bring your business to a new level today.


Would you like to learn more what has changed since the version you currently have? Check our development notes.

How to Upgrade

Order by sending an email to contact us.

EasyTaxiOffice Team will upgrade your software to latest version within 5 business days of receiving the service payment and the required login data.


- Existing account with EasyTaxiOffice
- Hosting with an Operating Linux system and PHP v7.1 – v7.3
- Active SSL certificate

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