Purchasing & Licensing FAQ

A Unique Purchasing Model

How EasyTaxiOffice differs from other companies selling taxi software? We sell Cloud and self-managed products. This means we create amazing yet affordable tools that users may TRY OUT before buying them. Here are key points that make EasyTaxiOffice’s sales model different:

  • Our sales team isn’t overbearing
  • We provide a Cloud-based trial of our full software, free of charge - technical support is included
  • A documentation to help during use, including articles about our products and their features.
  • Transparent Software License Agreement and Terms of Service that cover all of our cloud and self-managed products.
  • A transparent price list of our products and services.

We are here to help, so do not hesitate to contact us.


Of course! We offer a Free Trial for EasyTaxiOffice Software and Driver app. If you'd like to open an account, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial (we grant extensions up to 21 days upon request) - Open Free Account.

You can continue using EasyTaxiOffice Software by purchasing it.

EasyTaxiOffice trial can be extended to up to 21 days (a week added to the initial 14-day trial). If you wish to extend your EasyTaxiOffice trial, please Contact our team with the e-mail address you used to create the trial and we'd be happy to assist.

Trial can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, using access details send it to your email address.

Pricing and Discounts

No, we do not. We offer the best quality products at the same prices to all customers alike. Our pricing is crystal clear with no hidden, additional charges. Our clients know exactly what they are paying for and why is it worth this amount because of the benefits it brings.


1. Please let us know exactly which of our products you would like to purchase.
2. Provide us with the following information for the invoice and our licence registry:

First Name
Last Name
Contact Number
Trading Name
Trading Registration Number (optional)
Trading Address (optional)

3. An invoice with the provided data is sent to you.
4. We will begin the setup procedure when full payment is confirmed.

EasyTaxiOffice accepts the following payment methods:

Credit card — (MasterCard, Visa or American Express) via Stripe system.

Bank transfer — Available for outside UK countries with no access to the Stripe system. Can take up to 7-14 business days for bank transfers to clear through our banking facilities.

EasyTaxiOffice issues all invoices in GBP currency.

Payments in currency other than GBP can be made. These payments are calculated to GBP by your bank or payment provider you are using.

All relevant costs are included within the price, no additional taxes are added.


Access to your license key(s) as well as any other source code is granted only after your payment and receipt are confirmed. Once payment is received, our team will contact the person placing the order to provide the license key(s) and discuss the product setup process.

Of course you can! See the instructions below on how to set up renewals of your Cloud-based products.

Please also note that monthly EasyTaxiOffice Cloud subscriptions will renew automatically by default.


Once you received a first invoice for a cloud product, pay the invoice with your debit or credit card and grant the EasyTaxiOffice company access to subtract the agreed upon amounts of money. Once paid, the subscription will be moved to automatic renewals.

Of course! For companies self-managed their software and would like to keep the business up to date two options are offered:

One-time software upgrade to the latest version.

Enrich your software by signing up for a cloud Ultimate Plan.

Software Maintenance

EasyTaxiOffice offers Support for Cloud and Self-managed products. See our Support page for more information.


New subscription: Subscription maintenance begins directly after the account setup.


New license: Your 6-month software maintenance period will commence from the date of software being made available.

One-time upgrade: Software maintenance will commence from the date of upgrade being made available and replaces any active software maintenance of the upgraded license.

Switched to cloud Ultimate Plan: Subscription maintenance begins directly after the account setup.

Add-on purchase doesn’t extend support.

The Update is an update which includes error fixing and improvement to the EasyTaxiOffice system.

EasyTaxiOffice supports software 4.0.x for 1 year after it’s major iteration 4.0 was released. All previous version support was 4 months.

More information and EOL dates can be found in our End-of-Life Documentation.


Cloud subscriptions renew automatically with the credit card on file. Self-managed When software maintenance has expired, you can extend by signing up for a Ultimate Plan.


If you wish to learn more how your company will profit using Ultimate Plan, please contact us.


Self-managed products are available to download via HTTP. Cloud products can be accessed from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection by using your unique EasyTaxiOffice URL.


On Cloud plan the number of active drivers you can use on a single account, without incurred any additional costs, is 10. Each additional active driver induces an appended fee of £1.


For Self-managed, there is no driver/passenger/vehicle limit.

Active Driver is a driver who has been assigned and accepts at least one job in a monthly billing cycle.

Source Code

We grant source code access only to the indicated technical and billing contacts of a self-managed product license. To gain access to source code, contact your indicated technical or billing contact.

EasyTaxiOffice Cloud and Ultimate Plan customers do not have access to source code.

To modify the source code, you must purchase the Right to Modify Source Code.The modification can only be made within the same purpose this software was provided to you. You may not reshape it to become any form of marketplace or comparison site. It can only be used as a platform to take bookings and dispatch it to company drivers.

To purchase the Right to Modify Source Code please contact us.