Server setup

New to EasyTaxiOffice and not sure where to start? We’ll walk you through the basics so you know what to expect along the way.

What is the server setup?

EasyTaxiOffice software is a cloud based solution where the tools are setup on the remote server and can be access from any device from any place in the world.

This also means the software has to be installed on the remote server and access via a domain.


What are the setup requirements?

- Operating system: Linux
- PHP v7.1 – v7.3
- Active SSL certificate
- MySQL database
- Domain (If you are planning to integrate the Web Booking with your website, for the Web Booking to work correctly, the software needs to be set up on the website subdomain.)
- Mail servers: SMTP servers must be able to support the multipart content type. Completing a successful setup is down to the customer.


Accounts are set, what’s next?

Decide if you want to proceed with the setup by yourself or ask EasyTaxiOffice team for help.