Taxi Passenger App

Tap straight into your clients’ needs. Stay close to them at all times. Make your services as accessible to them as can be with the Taxi Passenger App. Go mobile, get more bookings each day!

Wherever, whenever

Your clients want the booking process to be easy and quick. It doesn't get any better for them than having a dedicated app on their mobile phone and being able to book a ride anytime, anywhere. Especially since the app is so user-friendly, fast and gives them replies via instant notifications.

No extra payments

This is a complete, functional and affordable solution. You pay only once - the number of users your app will later handle does NOT generate ANY other costs for you company! This really is the best offer on the market.

Your company's own future Passenger App will be available both on Android and iOS giving you a chance to reach close to a 100% of all mobile phone users.