Dispatch Features

Distance and Time
This function will assist the admin in calculating the system’s cost. The admin can then set the price per mile and minimum cost per mile for every vehicle that is in the system.

Holiday Fare
All rates will receive an automatic raise on vacation dates. These date ranges will be set by the admin. For example, if you want to raise the fees by 2% during Christmas period, the admin would log into the system, set the vacation period, and then set the new rates for the period that will affect the rates on all cars.

Fixed Cost
The admin can also set fixed charges for journeys. When a passenger makes a booking for a journey that falls into a category with a fixed charge, system will display the fixed charge and not the calculated cost per mile.

As for the increased rates, the admin will have access to setting discounts for bookings made within a certain time period.

Admin will also manage locations in the system. By this we mean “Hot Locations” like Gatwick Airport or Heathrow Airport Terminal 3. This will make it so that customers can get locations suggested to them in a drop down list after typing in the first few characters. Admin could also set additional charges for pick-ups at airports.

User Management
All personal and business accounts can be managed separately from the administrator’s panel. The page will list all registered passengers and also feature an option for editing, deleting and viewing bookings.Business accounts make it possible for companies to make multiple bookings and only pay on an agreed date with one invoice.

Vehicle Management
The administrator can add vehicles to the system and assign several configurations to each like the number of passenger, amount of luggage, amount of overweight luggage, and more.

Drivers & Vehicles
From the admin panel, the admin will be able to manage all drivers registered in the system. He can pre-assign a car to a specific driver on a specific date and the car will be automatically scheduled to that driver. The driver will then be notified of the same via email (an SMS function can also be added).

Driver Account
Each driver will have access to a personal account through which they will be able to communicate with the operator, accept or cancel a booking, see assigned bookings, view details of current job, and communicate the job progress using a simple status system. Your drivers will also be able to update their personal information and documents.

Export in Excel Format
The admin can export the data in the system to an excel document. Details exported may include a passenger’s details like bookings history and also the driver’s details. A date filter will feature in this page to enable the admin to filter results depending on his requirements. The data can be exported to CSV or PDF format and can also be printed out from this page.