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Our software is simple-to-use and very intuitive. All the same, there might be times when you won’t be sure how to act, solve a problem or which options will be the most effective to choose in a particular situation. This is where our support team comes in to save your day with some valuable advice and explanations.

Software & Apps Support

A step-by-step introduction

Yes, changing your technology provider seems a daunting task. Luckily our change process minimises the potential impact on your business, giving you the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a professional implementation team.

Extensive Guide

Sometimes our Extensive User Guide is the best place to start looking for help. Check to find in-depth explanations of our systems features and answers to questions you have been meaning to ask, HERE.

Professional team in your corner

Our support team is experienced, professional and keeping tabs on every detail, making sure the software keeps running like a dream. Should the need arise, you can reach us from Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm only via email at

We are there to answer your questions and solve any problems you might encounter. Not that there should be any – our testers are really thorough when it comes to error hunting!

The support is a free addition to your first 6 months with our software. System upgrades will prolong your free support period for an additional 6 months.

Important: Free support is only available if there has been no changes made to source code of the application we have provided. Once any modifications has been made, the access to free support becomes invalid.

By requesting our help you agree to Support terms & conditions.

Business Software Hosting

For the more established companies which want to avoid even the smallest stoppage in their operations we would like to present our Business Software Hosting option! This is a set of additional solutions, not available in our basic support package, that will grant you the peace of mind needed to run a professional taxi business.

What will you gain by upgrading your standard support to the Business Software Hosting:

  • early access to latest new features
  • regular updates to the software, mobile apps and security protocols
  • fast, reliable hosting and data back-ups

All these safeguards mean you can concentrate on your company’s success and manage it carefree about the technical side of things.

Achieve this level of calmness by ordering the Business Software Hosting for just £25 per month!

Order it today, HERE.

By requesting our help you agree to Support terms & conditions.