Switching from self-hosted software to Ultimate Plan

Why switch from self hosting to Ultimate Plan?

Switching from to Ultimate Plan will give you a peace of mind your company software is running smoothly at all times. Ultimate account unlock following benefits:

– software and mobile apps upgrade to the latest version
– regular updates to the software and mobile apps
– data back-ups
– secure, fast, reliable service
– no hustle of setup, communication and management.

How to switch

Inform us of the intention of switching to Ultimate Plan. EasyTaxiOffice Team will setup your Ultimate account within 3 business days of receiving the service payment and the required login data.

Required data

  • Access to software admin panel (Login, Password)
  • Access to your hosting account (link to provider website, username, password).
    Optionally provide developer access, as indicated below:
    - 1 x MySQL database (Hostname, Username, Password, Database name)
    - FTP access (Hostname, Username, Password)
  • The access data must be sent to support@easytaxioffice.co.uk in a text format. Pictures, screenshots, forwarded emails or invitations to hosting accounts will not be accepted.
  • The setup time will extend if the access data is not provided or sent in an incorrect format.

EasyTaxiOffice Team will upgrade the software and apps to the latest version. After the system upgrade, the changes are irreversible and returning to a prior version is not possible