The Booking Process

This is how the booking process looks in the world of efficient taxi booking software.

1. The Booking is made

There are various ways in which a new booking can be made. Passengers can book via the Passenger App or using a Web Booking Widget on the taxi company’s website.

2. The Dispatch Panel

All completed bookings appear in the taxi company’s Dispatch Panel. Here the Admin can manage bookings and assign jobs to drivers.

Before choosing a driver, the Admin can check The Map tab in the Dispatch Panel which shows the drivers availability status and who is nearest / in closest proximity to the new job.

🛈 The Admin can manually add bookings received via traditional methods like emails, phone or contact forms.

3. Driver is notified

After the booking is dispatched, the driver receives a notification and the job details via the Driver App.

Drivers can choose to accept or reject the job.

4. Underway

When drivers accept the job and start on their way, the status in the Driver App changes to “on route”. This triggers a notification sent to the Passenger (either via the Passenger App, SMS or email) with information about the car and driver coming to pick them up.

Another notification is sent to the Passenger when the driver arrives at the pickup spot and another one when passenger is on board.

All the status changes are also visible for the Admin in the Dispatch Panel which allows tracking the driver in real-time.

5. The end

After the driver and Passenger reach the drop-off point, the job is complete. The driver is again visible on The Map as available and another job can be assigned. Passengers receive a notification thanking them for choosing the company’s services and asking for feedback.

The Admin can check the tracking, payment history and is ready to manage more bookings.