Transferring an app to your own service

Decided to use your own solution? Not a problem, here is what you need to do.

Open account for services:

Setup App Stores
Open account with Google Developer Program and Apple Developer Program.


Setup Expo
Open account with Expo. This is a free service and it is used to generate mobile apps and provide push notification updates to both iOS and Android devices.


Setup Firebase
Open account with Firebase. This is a free service and it is used to enable push notifications to Android devices.

Access details

Provide us with login details (Login window, Username and Password) to services: Google Developer Program, Apple Developer Program, Expo and Firebase.

SSL certificate

Active SSL certificate for the domain under which the software is available.

What is SSL? SSL stands for "secure sockets layer" and is a form of security for sites that handle sensitive information such as visitor's personal information and credit card numbers. It creates a secure connection between a visitor's web browser and the server of the company they're interacting with.

Other important information

1. Google and Apple app store providers require an active App Privacy Policy. You need to add this policy into your software -> Settings -> General -> Terms & Conditions.

2. During the setup process a temporary account called DEMO will be created within the software (for Passenger App setup, it will be a customer account; for Driver App setup, it will be a driver account). It is required that you do not delete the DEMO account until the submission process has been completed. If this account is removed during the submission process, the app will be rejected and this will require the process to start from the beginning.

Information is ready, what’s next?

Inform us you would like EasyTaxiOffice to do the setup, send all required details and access.

We will issue an invoice for £50 and once the payment has been received we will proceed with the setup.

Please ensure all requirements have been met and accounts login details are correct. The setup will take up to 7 business days. Failing to provide correct details will cause delays.

The access data must be sent in a text format. Pictures, screenshots, forwarded emails or invitations to hosting accounts will not be accepted.